Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Edward Weston is alive and well

Okay, well, maybe just in my head.

Tower Real Estate

Many people are looking for real estate to purchase these days, whether it's their first home, an investment or a vacation property. I found many new multi-dwelling homes opening up right outside the tower where I work after recent rains. I was impressed by the many options available.

Here are apartments located in an industrial area. Very good rental property:

This one I'm saving for Jamie Schulte, who doesn't mind living in small studio apartments. Desert location, south-facing windows make it a good place to grow avocados and basil.

Comes furnished with a small upholstered ottoman.

Homes with large lots, good for gardening and sharing tools and tea and gossip with your neighbors on adjacent properties.

I think they did a lovely job with this remodel: I love the dusty browns of the exterior, don't you?

New parents: there are several playhouses on this property, and very nice high ceilings so you can have tall Christmas trees.

If you are looking for a property in a planned community, this would be your best bet.

An aerial view of the property gives you an idea of how spacious these lots are.
Here you see that you can easily move between the living-space and the outer cottage bedrooms without leaving the sheltering roof.