Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Painting with Stuff

This fairy-tale spread in Le Figaro (I'm guessing this is the French equivalent of the New York Times Style section) completely caught my imagination. Not because I'd actually want my dining room to look this way, but because every single item on the table and in the room is literally dripping with such exquisite attention. Overall, the look is a bit much for my taste, but I love the idea that everything in a room should have as much attention paid to it as everything else. It takes the idea of the still life to the next level: in a photograph or painting, each object is hallowed by the glance, made important by its inclusion. Without being documented, it's not always clear why things are the way they are. In the vein of living as art that I am currently pursuing, since making art as art didn't really work out so well, choosing each object in a room is like painting with stuff. Plus, now I really want to figure out how to crochet that damn chair.

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