Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The notation of spaces and objects by frequency?

I found the RESONANCE OF THE SINK! I was doing dishes, and singing to myself, and all of a sudden, one note just rattled my skull, it was really loud, and I could hear it all through my face! (The frequencywas properly re-inforced by the shape etc. of the sink as I was leaning over it.)

My favourite contemporary composer, Maryanne Amacher talks about the size of sound in various mediums, and composes what she calls Third Ear Music, sound that exploits the hearing mechanism's tendencies at certain intervals to interpret tonal information as spatial information. She claims that in this process, the inner ear is caused to vibrate and also emit sound. Made up of specific combinations of intervals, it sounds like a rotating tone in your ear, and is different depending on where you stand in the room, or even how you move your head! Whatever is happening (I've been trying to get to the bottom of it for ages) it is truly an amazing experience. Although a lot of her work is difficult to document on cd, there are a few Third Ear pieces on an album called Sound Characters on tthe Tzadik label.

This is what I want to be an expert in. The notation of spaces by frequency.

P.S. I just heard about a festival in Scottland, called, (drumroll), Resonant Spaces, that takes place in various locations selected specifically for their unique acoustics. Ranging from an oil rig to cliff caves by the sea, the festival features different artists who focus on the physical properties of sound in their work. Guess you'll know where to find me next year...


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