Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wee Grub

Two days ago a wee grub hatched from an acorn I'd collected months ago. We found him crawling around on top of an old parmesan container. The way he moved looked as though he were stuck in a sleeping bag. We gave him some cabbage leaves to eat and he spread them around, but after a while his creeping slowed. I thought he should be archived (as any mortal should) and I began to take a video with my camera. He scootched, scootched, and then went straight out of exactly the top left corner of the video. It was as though he and I had prearranged it: as though I knew beforehand where he would go, or as if he knew I was filming it all. The video lasted thirty seconds. Afterwards I took him outside and put him in a potted plant, so at least he had a little more control over his own destiny (and diet). I took a single photo of him outside before he disappeared forever.

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