Saturday, February 2, 2008

Building a House

I decided to build a house this year on some land that my parents have up in Northern California. At this point I'm thinking the house will be either a yurt or a geodesic dome, but perhaps by the time I get around to building it in the spring, I will come up with some sort of hybrid! People have also been putting in bids for strawbale houses etc, so time will tell. My goal is to learn how to ecologically and economically build a house that is off the grid. I want to know that it can be done by anyone (and I'm definitely the 'anyone' type when it comes to mathematical/premeditated architecture)! I'm taking this opportunity to make loads of models and revisit my very rusty geometry skills. For references, right now I'm mostly using this great book that I found from the seventies called Dome 2, by William Yarnall, as well as lots of Buckminster Fuller, of course.

I've posted pictures of my very first geodesic model, (don't mind the dents) and will continue posting my progress and various plans for how it will go...

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andrea said...

Love it! Can't wait to sit and drink tea and talk about the house all of a rainy February!